We work as A TEAM
Corporate Projects & Events
School Enrichment
Other than the usual performing arts enrichment (dance, music, drama), we also do other activities such as team bonding, leadership training, learning journeys, talent grooming.


Affectionate Arts with a Passionate Heart 

We offer a diversity of Dance, Fitness & Music classes. At Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, we cater classes for all ages, with both variety and quality!

.: Vision

Our vision is to be able to promote Arts in all forms and to build up a team, sharing the same passion in Arts. We intend to work hand in hand with the various media productions in Singapore, having the same vision – To mark Singapore as an Arts Hub on the world map.

.: Mission

Our mission is to be able to nurture students to their fullest potential. We want to educate people about the Arts, and we have a team who dedicates to that purpose. We aim to touch the hearts of people by extending our invitation to all, from all walks in life to come share this exhilarating journey of learning, and experience the wonder of Arts with us



We hope to influence others to develop affection for arts. It is proven as one of the most effective ways to express oneself.

We do not compromise the quality of coaching, as the learning curve for students is a very important aspect of talent grooming. We want students to learn, as opposed to a ‘touch-and-go’ approach.

Here at Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, we do not discern teaching abilities with age. Our coaches, though some may be young, are experienced in the industry and all of them are still current practitioners. It’ll be equally practical and theoretical when it comes to learning!

We have public performances all year round. Therefore, selected Rhythm ‘N’ Moves students will get a chance to be part of our performing troupe, based on performance & grades. We believe in providing our students with the opportunity to perform, as this encourages them to apply what they have learned and also to help build up their confidence. At Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, we create an empowering environment for nurturing local potentials.